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Portraits without a Person: Landscape Photography

My co-owner, muse, fellow shutter bug and dear friend Anna Powell of Capturing Time Photography recently discussed where we are 'lacking'.  Photography is an art and when you make that a business, there can be a delicate purgatory where creative energy gets lost to the politics of money; we were trying to be preventative.  We constantly stretch and bend our art and ourselves, looking to grow into better artists.  Anna had mentioned how she wanted to expand on her landscape photography and I too agreed that taking a photo without a person is my biggest struggle.  I specialize in psychology, people, moments of exchange... I didn't feel the same draw to push my shutter when watching flowers or buildings.

How could I grow and build that inspiration? We talked about it, manifested opportunity and started promising to take a photo every time Mother Nature gave us that 'gasp of awe' in her beauty.  The timing of the Universe provided me with two solid months of travel and…

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