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How to get an upgraded spiritual satellite package: changing your channels

This week I have been doing a lot of personal meditation, psychic readings, stretching my body, vocal affirmations and wanting to delve into deep conversations with people on spiritual topics. I can feel the energy in the air, the Lunar cycle, the anticipation of the Solar Eclipse upon me. I want to grow as much as possible before this long Winter comes
I've been collecting witching stones, making to-do lists, talking to those I love, mending drama and sleeping in.  Admitting the need for self-care and taking special attention to drop the guilt. I'm feeling lighter. I feel like now that the physical pain of my recent kidney infection has passed post-surgery and now I can grow from the Maslow's Hierarchy of needs from a basic survival mode to something greater. I can rise above the physical pain and elevate myself with manifestation of thought. 

I've been thinking a lot about channeling. Reading about it, researching it, talking about addiction and nuerospsychology on…

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