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What is a Jewel? National Jewel Day for what it means!

First, I suppose you might google the mind for 'jewel' and come up with a beautiful, snaggle-toothed yodeler.  I always loved her music, but she isn't what comes to mind first. I think of my obsession for rocks, stones and little curiosities.

As a child, my nanny Connie would always pick up a stone from an adventure, even imagining the more dull stones as 'moon rocks from another fun-dimension'.  We had baskets of rocks that were really baskets of fun, belly-laughing memories with one another.  Some were gathered from the banks of the Ozarks as we played upon the shore in the summer and other rocks were polished at a tourist store on the stop outside Niagara Falls.  Stones for all occasions, stones for a purpose and stones that serve purpose; always grounding me and triggering a lesson.

Jewels are supposed to be like pirate treasure, something with a high price of value. For me, I've never been one to spend a lot of money on a stone, when I would rather unearth…

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