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Pet Dreams: If you have the same issues I have...

I have been wanting a dog for our family for going on five years. I know little boys should have puppies and the thought of a dog barking at the sounds I stay awake for, are soothing dreams in the days ahead. Pets are great. Dogs are even better.

Not that we don't love our tabby cat, Mortie, or the hedgehog. In fact, Mortie has grown on me more than I thought a cat ever could; waking me up each morning with a purr behind my head.

However, recently I got my puppy fix, when my dearest friend Anna volunteered to foster and relocate a family of America Pitbulls.  Blue-nosed, healthy 10 week old puppies that were being forced from their home from Hurricane related stress. These babies needed to find a home and Anna & I had the honor of helping make that happen.

Not to say the journey from Minneapolis to meeting the Texas family wasn't exhausting, but boy are these guys cute?!

This month is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month. I agree that puppies all over the nation are sleeping…

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