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Culling the Herd

With moving up north, it means I have to cull a lot of items that just aren't worth moving with me. Some items are those that I have outgrown, others are items my husband has asked I leave behind and some, well, some are growing out of control.

For those of us that work in the spiritual, that investigate the paranormal, that celebrate the natural - it's likely we have strange collections, and hoard for our own reasons. Filling voids, easing attachments, triggering memories and others we even HURT to think of letting go of.  I often curse to the wind, "Damn you Brave Little Toaster!" every time an appliance breaks or something (THING) I've loved has moved on/broken/lost/stolen.

This time, I'm MAKING THE CHOICE to let go of some items because I feel they will be best with others. Other items are inspiring self-growth and allowing me to purge items that I know can be a part of a bigger set, a bigger picture, writings on mental health and even experimenting with …

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